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With over 100 years of plumbing service experience in the Arizona area, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses with their plumbing needs.

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Residential Drain Cleaning & Clearing Services

Guardian Plumbing offers professional and affordable residential drain cleaning services throughout the state of Arizona. If you need to have your drained cleaned, we offer services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Glendale, Chandler, and more AZ ! We have over 100 years experience in the plumbing business. You can rely on experienced and reliable plumbers to assist you with any of your residential drain cleaning problems.

Residential drain cleaning services in New Jersey Include:

Kitchen sink drains

Everyday food along with grease and soap can do a number on your drain, causing your kitchen sink to clog. Without cleaning, your kitchen sink will be clogged and run more slowly over time.

Bathroom sink drains

Slow draining and clogs are often a result of toothpaste, soap, grime, and the occasional foreign object that mistakenly fell down the drain. If you lose something down the drain, don’t run any more water. Call Pruzansky Plumbing Phoenix AZ; we’ll be able to retrieve the lost item without any difficulty.

Bathtub and shower drains

Water should drain immediately when you’re showering and in just a few minutes after a bath. If it’s draining slowly, your tub or shower trap and drainpipe is probably clogged with soap and or hair. Your bathtub and or shower drain may need repair or cleaning.

Floor drains and floor sinks

Floor drains and floor sinks are generally located in basements, laundry rooms, garages, patios, and driveways to prevent flooding. Regular drain cleaning is recommended to prevent major clogs to your floor drains and floor sinks.

Toilet drains

A clogged toilet is often caused by attempting to flush thicker paper products that don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does. Our New Jersey experts have no problem getting to the root of the problem and cleaning out your toilet drain.

Main sewer lines

All your household drains lead into your main sewer line, which connects to a city sewer line or septic tank. We have many options to fix your main sewer line. Check out our sewer and ejector services.